About the Artist

How I Paint

“I love to paint the organic world of animals, plants, and the forces of nature. I am enchanted by the adventure of color and movement. The images come through the spirit world of dreams and awakened illusions.”


Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, and after earning a BFA at the University of Southern California, Ann moved to Honolulu where she lived for 6 years,  painting and working as an interior designer.  While there, she showed in the Koko Head Gallery as well as weekly on the Zoo Fence.  She had several corporate sponsors for her paintings, including silk screen prints of her Hawaiian quilt patterns  purchased by a local bank for an ad campaign.


When Ann returned to California she began a long career in Hollywood’s motion picture and television industry as a set designer and art director.  Her credits can be seen on IMBD.com.  Set design involves doing architectural drawings of sets to be built. The great hook was being able to draw all kind of different things, from space ships to classic architecture to mid-century modern or Spanish Revival, not to mention a period Japanese pavilion and one particular 15′ tall workable zipper.


After 35 years in motion pictures,  Ann retired to pursue her own painting and printmaking.  She is also an artistic intuitive, giving readings on request, and writing a book about a form of tarot that uses an ordinary 52 card deck.    Her love of artisan cheese has taken her to many locations to study cheese making.  Ann is an avid collector of sea glass jewelry, having several pieces of the most rare orange glass.


Ann is married to Otis Hayes, attorney and drummer. Her son, Mathew Schick is music director at a local high school. Ann’s studio time is pleasantly interrupted one day each week when she cares for Mathew and his wife Susann’s two young boys.